[SIN] KILLER: Horde : Confirmado em festival europeu. SÅ2012

domingo, maio 27, 2012

Horde : Confirmado em festival europeu. SÅ2012

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This is more than we have dared to wish for. The word legend is too washed out to use in this context. If you are one of the uninitiated who do not understand why, read and learn.

Plata "Holy Usvart" struck like a bomb in 1994 and immediately created a media stir by abnormal proportions. Just the idea of a Christian black metal plate put their minds to the cook on both sides of the cross, and managed to create division in both the established black-metal scene worldwide, as well as in the established Christian environment. Everyday cost? Not exactly.

Many a column inches were written about the project to the multi-instrumentalist "Anonymous", death threats received from all corners of the world, not to mention from the cold Norwegian forests, and even one of the festival's seminar holders, Didrik Søderlind, wrote the following about the album back in 95 :

"Just as hard and fast into obscurity as other music within the genre. There is not any reason why the Devil should have the ugly music for themselves ... This is not Christianity the state church variant, but one that removes the trap door to the basement and let the wayward strap tell where it ends if it is not tightening. "

The debate raged long time about who was behind this outrageous earthquake, and it was long assumed that there were Norwegians behind it all, but after a couple of years of secrecy slipped out that Australian Jason Sherlock, at that time also the drummer in other mild said legendary bands like Mortification and Paramæcium, was the brains behind it all.

After years of status as a legendary album was all a step further when the Horde announced its first live date back in 2006, and since then one could count the number of concerts on three fingers.

It is therefore with great pleasure and great honor we can invite the Horde to where they belong: the Norwegian cold woods at night.

What is there to say That Has not Been said already?

The legendary one-man-unblack-metal outfit Horde is finally playing everywhere They belong: The cold dark Norwegian woods. Just the thought of this happening is beyond our imagination.

The solo project of multi-instrumentalist "Anonymous", managed two split bothering the black metal scene, and the Christian establishment in two. And how could it not, being the first Christian black metal album?

Numerous columns and death-threats were written, and it took many years before the truth overcame out about the identity of the uproar. Australian Jason Sherlock, drummer of well known metal acts as Mortification and Paramæcium, admitted being the brain behind the controversial masterpiece.

In 2006 Horde Played live for the first time, and since THEN They have only done three shows in total, so to say this is an exclusive gig is an understatement.


A Sub Church Family Gathering 
July 26th – July 29th. Nordtangen, Gran, Norway.

Dear friends and family, you are hereby cordially invited to attend the Sub Church family gathering - SÅ2012. 15 years ago Sub Church was founded, and 10 years have passed since the last Sub Church festival blowout (DP2002), and so in light of this double jubilee, the time has come to gather both veterans and new recruits for a new start.

SÅ2012 strives to be a focal point for friends and soon-to-be-friends with a passion for alternative music and art, gathered in a four day long summer party in the norwegian woods.

We hope to see you there, and bring your loved ones

With love, the Sub family.


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