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Grave Forsaken : Anuncia (pre-order) de Reap What You Sow via Soundmass

2012, Soundmass 
Soundmass is thrilled to be continuing their collaboration with Western Australian band Grave Forsaken with the release of their 5th studio album, “Reap What You Sow”, due out soon.
Formed in 2004, this unrelenting band has just hammered out their finest recording yet, a great mix of the thrash and heavy metal goodness presented on their previous albums “Fight To The Death” (2010) and “This Day Forth” (2009).  Continuing with producer Daniel Holmes (Templar, Scourged Flesh, 618) , “Reap What You Sow” captures both the energy and the spontaneity of Grave Forsaken and pounds it out into a solid chunk of traditional metal. Full of catchiness, melody and memorable metal anthems, no one can slow down this thrash bastion as they uphold and defend Aussie metal!
As a bonus, everybody who pre-orders a physical CD of “Reap What You Sow” from Soundmass Downloads will immediately receive a free instant download of the album to listen to until they receive their copy in the mail. Included with the Grave Forsaken download is the full artwork (including lyrics) in PDF format. As an added bonus, the download will also include Digital Download Bonus Tracks - nine extra tracks that do not appear on the physical CD. Physical CDs are due in stock late August. 

Reap What You Sow
End Of Days
Kill Your Idols
Silent Screams
Victory Or Death
Ghost Light
Coming Home
Situation Mess
Master Of The World

Digital Download Bonus Tracks
Dare To Dream (demo)

Light The Hall II (Live at The Castle)
Warriors Of Light
Mother Of Harlots
Wasting Power
No Eye Has Seen
This Day Forth
Death On The Cross
The North Wind
Rockin' At The Castle (studio)

Type: MP3 
Bit rate: 256 kbps
*Full artwork PDF (incl. lyrics) included


BioGenesis : The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth via Soundmass


BIOGENESIS: The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth (pre-order)

2012, Soundmass
Soundmass is pleased to release the new BioGenesis album "The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth".
 Originally formed in 1996 by front-man Chaz Bond (Jacobs Dream, Human Paradox), 11 years have passed since the release of their debut album "The Mark Bleeds Through" (2001, Rowe Productions). However, 5 years after their apparent demise, BioGenesis reformed with their original line-up. After a few reunion shows in their local area of Dayton, Ohio, the band began working on their new album - "The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth".
 With a style that crosses genres, you get an album spanning from power metal to death metal, with a touch of progressiveness – a sound which is uniquely BioGenesis. With influences like Iced Earth, Cannibal Corpse, Fear Factory, Deliverance, Disturbed and Nevermore, and guitarist John Berry (Jacobs Dream) guesting with his signature solos, "The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth" sees the band coming back stronger than ever!
As a bonus, everybody who pre-orders a physical CD of “The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth” from Soundmass Downloads will immediately receive a free instant download of the album to listen to until they receive their copy in the mail. Included with the BioGenesis download is the full artwork (including lyrics) in PDF format. Physical CDs are due in stock late August.

Hatred Seed
Point Of Origin
Bleed Me
The Darkness Fades
The Mark 12

Bonus Tracks
Fallback (2002)
Catalyst For Malice (2004)

Type: MP3 
Bit rate: 256 kbps
*Full artwork PDF (incl. lyrics) included


domingo, julho 29, 2012

Tourniquet : Quer escutar o novo álbum???

The title track, 'Antiseptic Bloodbath', speaks of the way our society prefers to sanitize brutality. We can have our tidy Christian faith, or continue with no faith at all, as long as we don't consider the painful bloody price that was paid for us. 

We use animals for our food, profit, and amusement, but would rather not know about the needless, often systematic suffering that is inflicted on them by a callous and greedy humanity. 'Don't upset my comfort zone — brutal truth, leave me alone.' The great news is that we have the ability to choose. This album encourages us to make good and humane choices in our daily lives that reflect these images.


released 13 July 2012
Tourniquet is:
Ted Kirkpatrick • drums
Luke Easter • vocals
Aaron Guerra • guitars/vocals

Additional musicians:

Pat Travers • lead guitar: Antiseptic Bloodbath
Marty Friedman • lead guitar: The Maiden Who Slept in the Glass Coffin
Bruce Franklin • lead guitar: Chart of the Elements (Lincchostbllis)
Karl Sanders • lead guitar: Chamunda Temple Stampede
Santiago Dobles • lead guitar: 86 Bullets, Lost Language of the Andamans
Adrien Zitoun • cello: The Maiden, Lost Language, Fed by Ravens
Dennis Najoom • trumpet: Antiseptic Bloodbath, The Maiden, Lost Language
Dave Bullock • violin: The Maiden, Lost Language, Fed by Ravens
Neil Kernon • orchestral textures: Duplicitous Endeavor
Hannah Kilburn, Grace Kilburn & Simi • cheerleader vocals: Chart of the Elements (Lincchostbllis)
Pastor Bob Beeman • spoken word vocals: Fed by Ravens, Eaten by Vultures
Rick Muehlbach, Tyler Margritz • spoken word vocals: Duplicitous Endeavor

All bass guitar • Aaron Guerra, except Lost Language of the Andaman’s (00:36-01:50) • Ted Kirkpatrick

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Neil Kernon for Auslander

Drums (June 6-9, 2011) & bass guitar (April 21–22, 2012) recorded at Rax Trax Recording, Chicago, IL.

Rhythm guitars & vocals recorded August 30-September 13, 2011 at Paradisea Studio - Milwaukee, WI.

Mixed June 2012 at OTB - Chicago, IL.

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New Windsor, NY

Ted endorses: DW drums, Paiste cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks, Evans drumheads



all rights reserved


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Saviour Machine : Tour schedule changes - important news / updates - official press release - concerts in Zwolle (nl) and Heilbronn only

Hello fans & friends... Most unfortunately, I'm sad to report that BOTH the Munich and Berlin performances have been cancelled. The situation is quite complicated... To avoid tedious details, I will simply say these performances could not be realized.
I was recently informed about the volatile circumstances this past Sunday morning. Though extensive contracts were signed over a month ago, the promoter in Munich has chosen to "back out" of the legal performance agreement... For reasons we do not yet fully understand, they have "changed their minds" about working with SM...
Obviously, they've put SM in an extremely difficult situation, but we bear them NO "ill will." We only hope we can make the best out of these "altered" circumstances. This IS the music industry... Things like this happen ALL the time... It is what it IS! ; )

Due to the mere fact our travel arrangements were all based on starting in Munich,
(International flights, tour bus rental, tour routing, etc.,) the ENTIRE "tour" has now been reduced to JUST THREE [3] PERFORMANCES - ZWOLLE & HEILBRONN ONLY! 

For our tremendous fans in the Munich area, HEILBRONN is only a few hours drive. Fortunately, there are still a number of premium seats available for both Heilbronn performances... Seating availability is slightly better for the Friday evening concert, but some VERY good seats are still available for the Saturday night concert as well!
For our wonderful fans in Berlin and the surrounding areas, HEILBRONN is a slightly
shorter distance than ZWOLLE (NL), but you most certainly have options for any of these 3 rare performances... For our loyal, dedicated fans throughout the whole of Europe, both Heilbronn & Zwolle are within a 90 min drive of International Airports.

Finally... To end this difficult announcement on some truly "positive notes," I'd like to share a few key pieces of information with you... Just as we announced for the Zwolle performance, after Hamburg was cancelled, BOTH Heilbronn performances will also be extended into even LONGER SETS with an intermission! The fact is, SM is now performing ONLY 3 CONCERTS... In all likelihood, these 3 performances will be THE FINAL ACOUSTIC THEATER CONCERTS we're able to realize.This being the case, ALL 3 performances MUST BE "EPIC!" And so, they will be! In some respects, I suppose these performances will take on a kind of "legendary event status" over time, as the DVD production will begin immediately after we return to The States.

IF you haven't already reserved your tickets for one of these 3 rare performances, we'd like to invite you to "be a part of SM history." Please join us for one of these 3 unique concerts, set in 2 absolutely beautiful theaters in the center of Europe... 


Thank you so much for your time, your understanding and your amazing support!
Take care / God Bless you all... Eric Clayton / Saviour Machine - July 25th, 2012


[interview] Halcyon Way : Pavimentando o caminho. Roadie Crew (site)

Por Guilherme Spiazzi

Vencer as adversidades é apenas um passo entre tantos para se alcançar qualquer objetivo, e a banda norte-americana Halcyon Way sabe muito bem como funciona isso. Com três álbuns lançados e ótimos contatos no meio musical, eles não se intimidam quando o assunto é passar por cima de problemas. O pior, e já superado, foi a notícia de que o guitarrista Jon Bodan estava com câncer. Felizmente, com muita força de vontade e apoio, Jon superou esta etapa e a banda encontra-se a todo vapor. É fazendo um som com influências de Queensrÿche, somadas a riffs que beiram o Thrash Metal, vocais melódicos, passagens guturais e uma pequena dose de Progressivo, Jon Bodan, Steve Braun (vocal) e Ernie Topran (bateria) seguem aproveitando todas as oportunidades. Numa conversa honesta e bem humorada, Jon falou com a ROADIE CREW sobre o mais novo disco e os planos da banda.

Entrevista completa no link http://roadiecrew.com/exclusivo.php?id=212

[Gigs] Mortification, Wonrowe Vision, Rosanna's Raiders



sexta-feira, julho 27, 2012

[Interview] : The Devil Wears Prada - metalcore tech-heads.


Please read on http://loudwire.com/the-devil-wears-prada-mike-hranica-talks-mayhem-fest-initial-work-on-next-album/

quarta-feira, julho 25, 2012

Batallion : Runaway re-release |Limited Edition

Here is the BATALLION: Runaway CD press kit!
Release Date: August 1st, 2012
Limited Edition 1000 Handnumbered CDs (ASR CD-023)
Order now!

Winsconsin, LaCrosse's christian melodic power metal presents "Runaway" first album from 1994 + unreleased demo 1995 + live trax 1992. All full digital remaster, lyrics, unpublished pics and bio. For all Sacred Warrior, Queensryche, Heir Apparent, Lethal fans!




Go to www.arkeynsteel.com at releases section to see info and covers for all previous and future killer releases.


Battalion - Runaway - Arkeyn Steel Records - 2012 [ CD ]

1. Don't Wait
2. Runaway
3. Only Human
4. He Is Lord
5. The Lord Sees
6. Eyes Of Love
7. Judgment Day
8. Gates Of Heaven
9. I Give You My Life
10. Take A Stand
11. Vices
12. Test Of Time
13. Day Of The Coming
14. Here And Now
15. On And On Again
16. Instrumental
17. Don't Wait (live)
18. Let God Shine (live)

It was about time for this one to be re-released properly. This is the private CD that the Christian Power / Progsters Battalion from La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA have released back in 1994. The band was on board since 1990 and after their same titled 92 demo tape the follower "Runaway" full length was their only official release distributed under Moonlight Productions and gone Out Of Print really quickly.

Someone should point Queensryche as the main influence of the band and this becomes very clear the very first listening of the Battalion's music. You see Washington's Metal pioneers were a huge influence for many bands across the US, band's that wanted to follow the star of Queensryche but most of the times due to bad timing they remained on an underground level. Anyway if someone wants to add more reference bands to the influence list of those magnificent Power / Progsters from Wisconsin, Lethal and Sacred warrior are good choices.

You may also want to include Brad Lundstrom on the list of the BIG Metal voices. He never was so popular like other names on your list but his voice is simply top and with no doubt is one of the trademark features on Battalion's music. Mentioning the music I would have to point the band's amazing talent in song writing. Focusing of the songs of the "Runaway" CD it is really difficult to pick a specific one as favorite, all of them are sticking in mind and memory. The band's characteristic riffs, and exploding leads are delivered under a ground taking rhythm section but all those features are packed together on first class songs that will remain into the head from the very listening. Yes the song-writing is fantastic in here.

Lot of bonus material is included in here -like in every release of Arkeyn Steel Records- so we got the entire “Runaway” release (1994) plus a song from their debut “Demo 1992” tape that was recorded around 1991-92, plus three tunes from an unreleased demo tape that the band recorded around 1994-95 -marked us "Unreleased Demo 1995" by the members- and finally two songs exported from the “Live At Union” Video Tape - Bootleg (1992) are giving the final shape of this release, the best possible way.

Brad Lundstrom spent some time to write a very informative biography of the band that is included on the inner notes of CD together with lyrics and band's photos. Let me give an extra good point to the front cover of the re-release that fortunately has replaced the not so good front cover of the original pressing.

To cut a long story sort this release is an absolute must. Not only because it re presents one of the real hidden jewels of the underground US Prog / Power Metal but because it gives a chance to all those of us that addicted on the Queensryche - influenced Steel to have our fix :)


Review by: Countraven

[Interview] : Lance King | To Keep Updated, Active and Involved...

[pic] http://www.myspace.com/lancekingvox

VERY INTERESTING INTERVIEW by myself with the amazing Lance King for Freak Show
"To Keep Updated, Active and Involved!" interviewed by: Stephanie Sacroix

[full] please read on : http://freakshowlb.com/freakshow/interviews/Lance-King

[Review- Fest] Scream The Prayer tour 2012 | HM

Review and photos by the great Daniel Garcia

[Review-Fest] Rockstar Mayhem Fest 7/21/12 at First Midwest Bank Amphitheater

"... Another band who made the jump from Warped Tour to Mayhem Fest this year was next and that was The Devil Wears Prada. It makes sense that they are playing this festival now as they seem to have gotten heavier the past couple of years and scaled down the melodic stuff a bit. These guys must have been drinking the free Rockstar Energy Drinks all day long because the amount of energy these guys had was record-breaking. The crowd went completely nuts too and there was a non-stop sea of bodies flying everywhere.

... Over on the main stage As I Lay Dying took the stage to an already full pavilion full of excited metal fans. Their singer looked like he could be a pro wrestler and he stalked the stage and screamed and growled into the microphone as the band played some really high-caliber metalcore. They were pretty intense and very tight and polished. Their set was very enjoyable and seemed to fly by in no-time. They are definitely a band worth checking out if you are a fan of heavy music.

full review |Cobertura - http://www.examiner.com
JULY 24, 2012


[Tour shirt] Demon Hunter | True Defiance Tour

Don't forget that you can get one of our exclusive tour shirts on the True Defiance Tour which starts on Thursday at the Hawthorne Theater in Portland!


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[Gigs] Shadowside : Guest | HeptaH


Data: 12/Agosto às 20hs
Local: Sebastian Bar
End.: Rua Dona Maria Umbelina Couto 79
Bairro Guanabara, Campinas (SP)
Abertura: Heptah
Ingressos Antecipados: R$15,00 (no Sebastian Bar)
Ingressos Online: www.ticketbrasil.com.br
Informações: (19) 3212-1508


HEPTAH: grupo disponibiliza nova música para audição no YouTube || MS METAL PRESS - Assessoria de Imprensa

HEPTAH: grupo disponibiliza nova música para audição no YouTube || MS METAL PRESS - Assessoria de Imprensa

domingo, julho 22, 2012

Bloodgood : Kickstarter para documentario...


sexta-feira, julho 20, 2012

Deliverance : The Annals of Subterfuge, novo álbum com lineup poderoso.

Posted by Bill Roxx


From the early thrash metal scene on the West Coast and hailing from the mean streets of Los Angeles California, brace yourselves Metal fans, for the long overdue return of Deliverance! Helping shape the early thrash and speed metal scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s Deliverance were one of the premiere bands to stand out and break away from the pack. Signed to Intense Records in the early stages of their career and with their video ‘Weapons of our Warfare’ a staple on MTV’s Headbangers Ball, Deliverance were at the forefront of all things speed metal. And now in 2012 Deliverance are back and set to reclaim their place as major players in the thrash and speed metal scene once again!

3 Frogz Records in association with Roxx Productions are excited to announce the first brand new album from Deliverance in over 5 long years! This Fall get ready for the band to unleash their long awaited tenth studio album aptly entitled ‘Hear What I Say!’

Deliverance 2012 features the one and only founder and main song writer in Deliverance Jimmy P. Brown II out front on vocals and lead guitar as well as the return of Michael Phillips (Deliverance, The Sacrificed, Join The Dead) shredding once again on lead guitar. On bass making his long overdue return to the Deliverance fold, none other than Manny Morales! And this time around pounding the drums we make way for a true drumming legend making his debut to the Deliverance line up, none other than Jayson Sherlock (Mortification, Horde, Paramecium)!

And this Sunday July 22nd get ready for the world premiere of the first track off of the upcoming new album ‘Hear What I Say!’ entitled ‘The Annals of Subterfuge’. Join Michael Phillips this Sunday on ‘Beyond The Riff’ as he talks about all things Deliverance, as well as his new band and album Join The Dead and his recent role and involvement with progressive metallers The Sacrificed!

Tune in from 2pm-4pm PST to hear what Michael has to say and to catch the world premiere of the brand new Deliverance track!


Watch for the ‘soon to launch’ official Deliverance website at…


Also keep up with all things Deliverance through the official Deliverance facebook page at…


Or www.roxxproductions.com for full release details on the brand new Deliverance album coming so

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[Gigs] Korzus, Skin Culture, Antidemon, Torture Squad...

JF Empreedimentos Culturais apresenta:
O maior festival de METAL da Zona Leste de São Paulo.
dia 01 de dezembro de 2012.


quarta-feira, julho 18, 2012

[Pics] Brian Welch : A CURE FOR PLUMBERS BUTT!

... também não entendi o lance do rego... 


[Gigs] : Korzus, Antidemon, Glory Opera ...


terça-feira, julho 17, 2012

[Interview ]: Michael Sweet Discusses His New Solo Album, Autobiography and the Future of Stryper

Interview: Michael Sweet Discusses His New Solo Album, Autobiography and the Future of Stryper

[Gigs] : Survive band shows.


[Gigs] Onward to Olympas announce tour dates

Onward to Olympas announce tour dates

Onward To Olympas: Announce support of Texas In July in Canada
Texas In July w/Glass Cloud, Onward to Olympas, One Year Later

Sep 09 Syracuse, NY @ Lost Horizon
Sep 11 Montreal, QC @ La Sala Rossa
Sep 12 Quebec City, QC @ Café L’agitee
Sep 13 Toronto, ON @ Annex Wreckroom
Sep 14 Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks

domingo, julho 15, 2012


Esse é o tipo de raridade que a qualidade pouco importa... E se tratando de metal cristão verdadeiro...

Para os chupins : http://www.rockcinema.eu/1245.html

sábado, julho 14, 2012

Threshold : Have released an official trailer for their new album "March Of Progress".

"Threshold have released an official trailer for their new album "March Of Progress". The album is now due for release on 24 August 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records, a week earlier than originally announced"

" Keyboardist Richard West comments on the approaching release: “It's been a long march but the new Threshold album is finally ready. This is our longest album to date - we hope you're going to love it!” 

Legendary British progressive metallers THRESHOLD reveal details on their upcoming ninth studio album, the follow-up to 2007’s Dead Reckoning. As previously announced, the record is entitled March Of Progress  and was recorded & produced in Thin Ice Studios (DRAGONFORCE, PENDRAGON) by band members Karl Groom and Richard West with additional production at Eightspace Studio (LEAGUE OF LIGHTS, THE MORNING AFTER). Vocal duties on March of Progress have been performed by THRESHOLD's original front man Damian Wilson (STAR ONE, HEADSPACE), who's been back touring with the band since the release of Dead Reckoning.

Keyboardist Richard West comments on the approaching release: “It's been a long march but the new Threshold album is finally ready. This is our longest album to date - we hope you're going to love it!”

March Of Progress will be released via Nuclear Blast Records on the 31st of August 2012 (Europe) and TBA (North America) and comes to you in a limited Digipak edition incl. bonus track, a standard jewel case edition as well as in a 2-vinyl-edition in two different colors, one of them exclusively available via the Nuclear Blast Europe mail order(www.nuclearblast.de/en/shop) with the following track lists:

01. Ashes
02. Return Of The Thought Police
03. Staring At The Sun
04. Liberty Complacency Dependency
05. Colophon
06. The Hours
07. That’s Why We Came
08. Don’t Look Down
09. Coda
10. Rubicon
Bonus track:
11. Divinity

01. Ashes
02. Return Of The Thought Police
03. Staring At The Sun
04. Liberty Complacency Dependency
05. Colophon
06. The Hours
07. That’s Why We Came
08. Don’t Look Down
09. Coda
10. Rubicon
11. Divinity (North American Bonus Track)

Side A:
01. Ashes
02. Return Of The Thought Police
03. Staring At The Sun
Side B:
01. Liberty Complacency Dependency
02. The Hours
Side C:
01. Colophon
02. That’s Why We Came
03. Don’t Look Down
Side D:
01. Coda
02. Rubicon


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[interview] : Write This Down fala sobre a escolha do cover...

JFH (Scott): Being a big fan of cover songs (and in the 90s, a big fan of No Doubt), I was eager to check out your cover of "Don't Speak." It's interesting that you chose such a mellow song to cover on a decidedly hard rock album. Did you ever contemplate making this another softer track on Lost Weekend?

Nate: We went through the toughest time picking a cover. It seriously became an arguing point in band life. So we just dropped the idea until it came up again in pre-production with our producer, Pete Stewart. He suggested a cover, and we again went through the lists. We wanted something old enough to be able to acceptably cover it, but we wanted our generation to know it. So we landed on "Don't Speak;" Pete and I transposed it into Write This Down's range and re-wrote every guitar part so that it was heavy and contained the same grit as the rest of the record. We wanted it raw from the get-go. There are still splashes of mellow at the beginning and near the end that give it more of a No Doubt feel.

Exclusive: Project 86 Premiere New Song, “SOTS” - Revolver Magazine

Exclusive: Project 86 Premiere New Song, “SOTS” - Revolver Magazine

Orange County rock outfit Project 86 will release their highly anticipated new album, Wait for the Siren, on August 21. Financed by a grassroots Kickstarter campaign that raised 10s of thousands of dollars, the record features guest appearances by Bruce Fitzhugh (Living Sacrifice), Rocky Gray (Evanescence), Brian “Head” Welch (Korn, Love and Death), Andrew Welch (Disciple), and Blake Martin (Plea for Purging). In anticipation, the band is debuting new song, “SOTS,” right here right now. You can keep up to date with Project 86 at: Project86.comFacebook.com/project86, and Twitter.com/project86band

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[Gigs] : DisTOURtion 2012


terça-feira, julho 10, 2012

Golden Resurrection : Anuncia blog e novo álbum --- 'One Voice For The Kingdom'

Michael W. Smith | Michael W. Smith Embarks on Final Leg of World Tour | TodaysChristianMusic.com

Michael W. Smith | Michael W. Smith Embarks on Final Leg of World Tour | TodaysChristianMusic.com
Smith pausa na tour, para casar a filha...
GRAMMY® award-winning and multi-platinum-selling artist Michael W. Smith has traversed the globe in 2012, kicking off an international tour last January which visited countries including Brazil, Australia, England, Northern Ireland, Canada, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland and Latvia. Soon Smith will embark on a final leg, including shows in Canada, South Africa, a USO Tour and his traditional Symphony Christmas tour; but not before stopping off in Nashville for the wedding of his daughter Anna earlier this month.

Smith launched his world tour with five shows in Brazil from Jan.11-18 before heading back home for the “Wonder, Worship & Glory Tour,” which comprised 19 domestic dates through late March. He then resumed his international travels with multiple appearances in Australia, including Easterfest, as well as Belfast, Northern Ireland and London, England as part of the “United Tour,” also featuring Steven Curtis Chapman.

The month of May saw Smith in Canada for 11 concerts before taking off early June to Romania then Hungary, where he performed at the Franklin Graham Festival, Croatia, Switzerland, and Latvia, also a Franklin Graham event. Smith finally took a breather, but only for the wedding of his daughter Anna on June 15. The wedding, attended by 350 guests, took place in a small chapel about 20 miles south of Nashville in Franklin, Tenn. A reception followed at a nearby farm where Smith and attendees danced the night away.

Smith plans to head back out July 7-14 on the fourth 2012 “Michael W. Smith & Friends Cruise” to Canada and New England before venturing overseas again for his final aforementioned world tour stops. Visitwww.michaelwsmith.com for additional information and a complete list of tour dates.

sábado, julho 07, 2012

[Gigs] : Mychildren Mybride w/ Dead and Divine, and Liferuiner!

'See you soon Canada w/ Dead and Divine, and Liferuiner'.  mychildren mybride

sexta-feira, julho 06, 2012

Ricardo Parronchi e banda - Teaser Clipe - Superficial Life

Boston : Touring with Tracy Ferrie.

Tracy Ferrie (bass) mais familiar para quem lembra de suas participações no, Seraiah, Whitecross, ou quem sabe pela a sua `amarelada` passagem pelo o Stryper, além de outros...


quinta-feira, julho 05, 2012

The Zombie shuffle : w/ Josh Kramer and Jarred Knowland of Saint

Pic :  http://www.pointsouth.com/saint777/saint.html
The Zombie shuffle was inspired by a journey I took a few years ago to Spanaway Washington. I witnessed people walking around late at night on the street, rummaging through garbage cans looking like death warmed over with emaciated faces, rotten teeth and sores on their faces and hands. I found out later by a local that knew better, that these poor souls are meth addicts and God only knows what else. They had a peculiar hurried alcohol enhanced drunken swagger to their walk with glazed over eyes. It was pretty creepy. And thus, The Zombie Shuffle song was born. The film was directed, produced and by me, (Josh Kramer), performing the guitars, bass and vocals. The song was written by me and produced by Jarred Knowland whom also played the drums. Executive producer; Richard Lynch. I am playing the main character in the video with supporting acting by Juan Bennidicto, and Anne Christoffersen, and her dogs. All 3 of us took turns being camera operators. Anne gussied me up with makeup.

Via http://www.angelicwarlord.com/

quarta-feira, julho 04, 2012

Solid State Recs - Wolves At The Gate's Album "Captors" Out Now & More!

Wolves At The Gate

Wolves At The Gate's New Album "Captors" Out Now!

Wolves At The Gate's new album "Captors" is available in stores and online now! Pick it up at your local participating Metal Club Store and get a free button set with purchase, Amazon, your local Best Buy or BestBuy.com. You can also download the album online at iTunes or Amazon MP3!

To preview "Captors," listen to the full album stream now at AOL Music, or watch the album trailer now on YouTube.
To Speak Of Wolves Video Blog

To Speak Of Wolves "Find Your Worth" Tour Update Posted!

To Speak Of Wolves have put up a video blog chronicling their adventures on the road up on YouTube! Check it!

The band's latest album "Find Your Worth, Come Home" is available in stores and online now! Download it online at iTunes or Amazon MP3.
Wolves At The Gate Video Blog

Wolves At The Gate Studio Video Blog #4: Vocals

Wolves At The Gate have posted a new video update from the studio now on YouTube!

You can download their album "Captors" online now at iTunes or Amazon MP3.




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