[SIN] KILLER: [Review-Fest] Rockstar Mayhem Fest 7/21/12 at First Midwest Bank Amphitheater

quarta-feira, julho 25, 2012

[Review-Fest] Rockstar Mayhem Fest 7/21/12 at First Midwest Bank Amphitheater

"... Another band who made the jump from Warped Tour to Mayhem Fest this year was next and that was The Devil Wears Prada. It makes sense that they are playing this festival now as they seem to have gotten heavier the past couple of years and scaled down the melodic stuff a bit. These guys must have been drinking the free Rockstar Energy Drinks all day long because the amount of energy these guys had was record-breaking. The crowd went completely nuts too and there was a non-stop sea of bodies flying everywhere.

... Over on the main stage As I Lay Dying took the stage to an already full pavilion full of excited metal fans. Their singer looked like he could be a pro wrestler and he stalked the stage and screamed and growled into the microphone as the band played some really high-caliber metalcore. They were pretty intense and very tight and polished. Their set was very enjoyable and seemed to fly by in no-time. They are definitely a band worth checking out if you are a fan of heavy music.

full review |Cobertura - http://www.examiner.com
JULY 24, 2012


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