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Batallion : Runaway re-release |Limited Edition

Here is the BATALLION: Runaway CD press kit!
Release Date: August 1st, 2012
Limited Edition 1000 Handnumbered CDs (ASR CD-023)
Order now!

Winsconsin, LaCrosse's christian melodic power metal presents "Runaway" first album from 1994 + unreleased demo 1995 + live trax 1992. All full digital remaster, lyrics, unpublished pics and bio. For all Sacred Warrior, Queensryche, Heir Apparent, Lethal fans!




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Battalion - Runaway - Arkeyn Steel Records - 2012 [ CD ]

1. Don't Wait
2. Runaway
3. Only Human
4. He Is Lord
5. The Lord Sees
6. Eyes Of Love
7. Judgment Day
8. Gates Of Heaven
9. I Give You My Life
10. Take A Stand
11. Vices
12. Test Of Time
13. Day Of The Coming
14. Here And Now
15. On And On Again
16. Instrumental
17. Don't Wait (live)
18. Let God Shine (live)

It was about time for this one to be re-released properly. This is the private CD that the Christian Power / Progsters Battalion from La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA have released back in 1994. The band was on board since 1990 and after their same titled 92 demo tape the follower "Runaway" full length was their only official release distributed under Moonlight Productions and gone Out Of Print really quickly.

Someone should point Queensryche as the main influence of the band and this becomes very clear the very first listening of the Battalion's music. You see Washington's Metal pioneers were a huge influence for many bands across the US, band's that wanted to follow the star of Queensryche but most of the times due to bad timing they remained on an underground level. Anyway if someone wants to add more reference bands to the influence list of those magnificent Power / Progsters from Wisconsin, Lethal and Sacred warrior are good choices.

You may also want to include Brad Lundstrom on the list of the BIG Metal voices. He never was so popular like other names on your list but his voice is simply top and with no doubt is one of the trademark features on Battalion's music. Mentioning the music I would have to point the band's amazing talent in song writing. Focusing of the songs of the "Runaway" CD it is really difficult to pick a specific one as favorite, all of them are sticking in mind and memory. The band's characteristic riffs, and exploding leads are delivered under a ground taking rhythm section but all those features are packed together on first class songs that will remain into the head from the very listening. Yes the song-writing is fantastic in here.

Lot of bonus material is included in here -like in every release of Arkeyn Steel Records- so we got the entire “Runaway” release (1994) plus a song from their debut “Demo 1992” tape that was recorded around 1991-92, plus three tunes from an unreleased demo tape that the band recorded around 1994-95 -marked us "Unreleased Demo 1995" by the members- and finally two songs exported from the “Live At Union” Video Tape - Bootleg (1992) are giving the final shape of this release, the best possible way.

Brad Lundstrom spent some time to write a very informative biography of the band that is included on the inner notes of CD together with lyrics and band's photos. Let me give an extra good point to the front cover of the re-release that fortunately has replaced the not so good front cover of the original pressing.

To cut a long story sort this release is an absolute must. Not only because it re presents one of the real hidden jewels of the underground US Prog / Power Metal but because it gives a chance to all those of us that addicted on the Queensryche - influenced Steel to have our fix :)


Review by: Countraven

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