[SIN] KILLER: The Zombie shuffle : w/ Josh Kramer and Jarred Knowland of Saint

quinta-feira, julho 05, 2012

The Zombie shuffle : w/ Josh Kramer and Jarred Knowland of Saint

Pic :  http://www.pointsouth.com/saint777/saint.html
The Zombie shuffle was inspired by a journey I took a few years ago to Spanaway Washington. I witnessed people walking around late at night on the street, rummaging through garbage cans looking like death warmed over with emaciated faces, rotten teeth and sores on their faces and hands. I found out later by a local that knew better, that these poor souls are meth addicts and God only knows what else. They had a peculiar hurried alcohol enhanced drunken swagger to their walk with glazed over eyes. It was pretty creepy. And thus, The Zombie Shuffle song was born. The film was directed, produced and by me, (Josh Kramer), performing the guitars, bass and vocals. The song was written by me and produced by Jarred Knowland whom also played the drums. Executive producer; Richard Lynch. I am playing the main character in the video with supporting acting by Juan Bennidicto, and Anne Christoffersen, and her dogs. All 3 of us took turns being camera operators. Anne gussied me up with makeup.

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