[SIN] KILLER: Saviour Machine : Tour schedule changes - important news / updates - official press release - concerts in Zwolle (nl) and Heilbronn only

sábado, julho 28, 2012

Saviour Machine : Tour schedule changes - important news / updates - official press release - concerts in Zwolle (nl) and Heilbronn only

Hello fans & friends... Most unfortunately, I'm sad to report that BOTH the Munich and Berlin performances have been cancelled. The situation is quite complicated... To avoid tedious details, I will simply say these performances could not be realized.
I was recently informed about the volatile circumstances this past Sunday morning. Though extensive contracts were signed over a month ago, the promoter in Munich has chosen to "back out" of the legal performance agreement... For reasons we do not yet fully understand, they have "changed their minds" about working with SM...
Obviously, they've put SM in an extremely difficult situation, but we bear them NO "ill will." We only hope we can make the best out of these "altered" circumstances. This IS the music industry... Things like this happen ALL the time... It is what it IS! ; )

Due to the mere fact our travel arrangements were all based on starting in Munich,
(International flights, tour bus rental, tour routing, etc.,) the ENTIRE "tour" has now been reduced to JUST THREE [3] PERFORMANCES - ZWOLLE & HEILBRONN ONLY! 

For our tremendous fans in the Munich area, HEILBRONN is only a few hours drive. Fortunately, there are still a number of premium seats available for both Heilbronn performances... Seating availability is slightly better for the Friday evening concert, but some VERY good seats are still available for the Saturday night concert as well!
For our wonderful fans in Berlin and the surrounding areas, HEILBRONN is a slightly
shorter distance than ZWOLLE (NL), but you most certainly have options for any of these 3 rare performances... For our loyal, dedicated fans throughout the whole of Europe, both Heilbronn & Zwolle are within a 90 min drive of International Airports.

Finally... To end this difficult announcement on some truly "positive notes," I'd like to share a few key pieces of information with you... Just as we announced for the Zwolle performance, after Hamburg was cancelled, BOTH Heilbronn performances will also be extended into even LONGER SETS with an intermission! The fact is, SM is now performing ONLY 3 CONCERTS... In all likelihood, these 3 performances will be THE FINAL ACOUSTIC THEATER CONCERTS we're able to realize.This being the case, ALL 3 performances MUST BE "EPIC!" And so, they will be! In some respects, I suppose these performances will take on a kind of "legendary event status" over time, as the DVD production will begin immediately after we return to The States.

IF you haven't already reserved your tickets for one of these 3 rare performances, we'd like to invite you to "be a part of SM history." Please join us for one of these 3 unique concerts, set in 2 absolutely beautiful theaters in the center of Europe... 


Thank you so much for your time, your understanding and your amazing support!
Take care / God Bless you all... Eric Clayton / Saviour Machine - July 25th, 2012


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