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sexta-feira, julho 13, 2012

[interview] : Write This Down fala sobre a escolha do cover...

JFH (Scott): Being a big fan of cover songs (and in the 90s, a big fan of No Doubt), I was eager to check out your cover of "Don't Speak." It's interesting that you chose such a mellow song to cover on a decidedly hard rock album. Did you ever contemplate making this another softer track on Lost Weekend?

Nate: We went through the toughest time picking a cover. It seriously became an arguing point in band life. So we just dropped the idea until it came up again in pre-production with our producer, Pete Stewart. He suggested a cover, and we again went through the lists. We wanted something old enough to be able to acceptably cover it, but we wanted our generation to know it. So we landed on "Don't Speak;" Pete and I transposed it into Write This Down's range and re-wrote every guitar part so that it was heavy and contained the same grit as the rest of the record. We wanted it raw from the get-go. There are still splashes of mellow at the beginning and near the end that give it more of a No Doubt feel.

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