[SIN] KILLER: [interview] Flatfoot 56 " We are blunt, ...

terça-feira, agosto 07, 2012

[interview] Flatfoot 56 " We are blunt, ...

HM Magazine — August 2012

You guys are serious about your spirituality. You have a community you're a part of. What's this community like?
Our home church is a huge part of our daily lives and we love them so much. It's a community of people who have a real heart for their South side of Chicago neighborhood and want to serve it. We are a small church, but it's full of people who aren't into playing around when it comes to loving each other and doing what Christ told us to do. We are blunt, to the point, rough around the edges and will be the first to tell you we are the roughest warped boards and bent nails that God ever decided to build with. But, by the grace of God, we go. Love it to death.

Why do you hold on to your faith in a day when you could just as easily stare at a computer screen and just drop out?

Because computers are boring and God is not.

full interview at the online version of HM (free).


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