[SIN] KILLER: [interview] POD : Selo cristão lança Murdered Love sem " I Am".

sexta-feira, agosto 10, 2012

[interview] POD : Selo cristão lança Murdered Love sem " I Am".

As it turns out, the version released to the Christian market (through Provident) doesn't have that song at all. And the mainstream version will include the song, but the f-word is bleeped out.
Yeah. At first we were thinking about a clean version and an explicit version, with a warning label. That way people know what they're getting. But the label decided to just go with a clean version. So I'm like, "Well, that settles a year-and-a-half of praying and debating over this thing forever." I get it. But the song is so intense, and now it just sounds like we sold out and it's weak, and it kind of loses its power.
Sandoval at a P.O.D. show
Sandoval at a P.O.D. show
Remember that U-2 song? [Sandoval starts singing "Wake Up Dead Man."] "Jesus, Jesus help me / I'm alone in this world / And a f---ed up world it is too." They got slapped for saying that, but it's the most honest prayer I think I've ever heard—yet it's not "Christianity worthy." But the world hears that and they're like "Dude, that's how I feel." You know? You can come to the throne of grace and you can pray that prayer, because God's not offended by it. He wants your heart. Why do we act like we have it all together? It's just frustrating.

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