[SIN] KILLER: [interview] Demon Hunter " Good friends are the silver lining of touring."

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[interview] Demon Hunter " Good friends are the silver lining of touring."

SIN KILLER one 'writer' man ---  caught up with Ryan Clark  vocals of Demon Hunter to see what the band has been up to... 

 [SIN] KILLER : The Demon Hunter has a legion of fans Christians around the world ... But most Christian bands expect much attention from the secular scene. You do not fear losing spirituality with the embrace of the world?
Ryan Clark : "Our band serves a number of purposes in this regard. For Christians, it can be a spiritual motivator- something they can find reassurance in. For non-Christians, the hope is that it will encourage them to look deeper into their spiritual lives and point them in the direction of redemption through Christ".
In the item 'fan tattoos' you lead your rank ... lol

Yea, we've been very amazed at how many fans have gotten Demon Hunter tattoos. It's incredible.
Do you have anything related to Catholicism?

Not particularly. Some of the symbolism we've used throughout the years may have Catholic leanings, but it's not meant to be subliminal, or to be taken too literally. I just like Christian symbolism, be it old or new, and many of the older Christian symbolism is synonymous with Catholicism.

Demon Hunter is just a cool name for you or have some a (big) history that led you opt for it?

It started as just a cool name, but it has definitely taken on a life of its own. The meaning behind it is the destruction of evil, or of one's personal demons (sin).
 What you would never give up ...?

 Well, the obvious answer is my relationship with Christ, and secondly, my wife. The more "worldly" answer would be music.

You have promoted True Defiance with many shows. Some really special happened during the show, tour that you'd like to share with us?
 We've had a lot of great shows already with this record cycle. We've already been to Europe, and have toured the states. We're looking forward to more international travel on the record next year as well.

Nothing stands out as an extremely memorable occurrence, but we've had a lot of great shows and great times.

How is friends with other bands? You usually do prayers together before the set or it is not part ... of show?

We've had the opportunity to meet and become friends with a lot of great bands through touring. Some of the relationships that I've made through my years of touring have proven to be some of the most longstanding and important in my life. Good friends are the silver lining of touring.

We pray as a band before every show.
 How God has broken your heart?
Well, the simple story of Christ's life and death in our place is enough to break the heart of any believer... and it's enough to keep my eyes focused on Him year after year.
 You are taking too long to play in Brazil, why?
We just recently started touring out of the states because we've done very minimal touring in the past. Usually we would do one tour per album, but for the last 2 records, we've made an effort to cover more ground, internationally. We will definitely be coming to Brazil soon. You can quote me on that.
Outside of music, how do you get time to help people or in some charity?
I don't have much free time. I'm working on that.


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