[SIN] KILLER: [interview] Saint : The departure of Josh, the band has not broken.

sexta-feira, setembro 07, 2012

[interview] Saint : The departure of Josh, the band has not broken.

Richard Lynch - bass ... revealed some news and briefly told us how it was separate from the frontman.
[SIN] KILLER - - - Some new relevant which you want to start telling us ...? 

o Hello friends, we are so glad to share with you Saint.
We have a lot of exciting things in the works for you to enjoy. We are producing a music video project with 4 new songs.
We are talking to one of your promoters to come and visit soon as well as countries in Europe for 2013. If you are a believer,  please consider us in your prayers that God will open the needed doors.

The new release just came out. How excited are you about the Desperate Night? How did the recording of this release go compared to past albums?

Desperate Night was one of the hardest recording ever!!!! Jared Knowland was very picky and didn’t let us get away with anything. We learned a lot during this secession and will be able to apply the lessons learned to the next recording.

My expectations for the new material after the departure of Josh, were not good ... Hahahaha ... But the album is great. The old Saint continues the same, just as (if said best, not be the same ... hahaah)

Josh was a great singer and will be missed. I believe that if someone wants move on then so be it, God always provides and clearly He has come through again. Brian is very talented and with the same range as Josh he will fit in very nicely. I don’t think most will notice or be disappointed with Brian.

What do you think is important that everyone knows about this episode during the recording…?

The single most important thing for me to share is that we are here to serve everyone; we want everyone to enjoy this metal!!!!

You still bet on Christian metal? What is your opinion about this tag? I have read some things frustrating from Christians veterans saying that the label is not legal (I do not give a damn for it) but sometimes feel sad ... but just with the speakersucks. You have enough credits to speak about it and I'm very interested to hear from you about it ...

I don’t mind being called a Christian or a Christian band. I would never want to deny Christ, and I think it’s clear in the message we bring. I believe however; that we are entertainers who happen to be Christians and so our message follows suit. But we would never condemn anyone their right to choice a different belief or perhaps no belief at all.

Someone in the band is involved in any cause, charity? (I am against those who abuses animals. Christians who do that, certainly, satan is not his only enemy ... (I'm first in line).
Jared is the worship leader at his church and I volunteer there and my church as well.

Has any Christian gets you attention by the work? (For me, Keith green was a great man).
I was inspired by Paul Clark and Keith Green and have brought their influence with me though all the years.

Last … I thank you for your time. Finally, tell us what you know about Brazil, and let everyone know what's on your mind.

I know that Brazilians are big heavy metals fans and love to rock so we all have a common ground. I’m hoping to come and visit soon……..

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