[SIN] KILLER: [interview] Drottnar : " bizarre; orthodox bedlam skillfully crafted through cutting- edge unorthodoxy...

terça-feira, setembro 11, 2012

[interview] Drottnar : " bizarre; orthodox bedlam skillfully crafted through cutting- edge unorthodoxy...

Connects this interview with one of the  Drottnar fronts Karl Fredrik Lind (Guitars) And the Horde, live.

After the Spiritual Battle you changed much in band ... Why Bunker Metal? What is the reason for this look?

Well, Spiritual Battle was created and recorded during 1996-1998 and the band was quite young. The bunker metal genre was created during the Welterwerk period around 2004-2006. So, 8-10 years of developing in a band is a lot of time, and we got a few new members along the way. We developed quite naturally along with our musical preferences, and it resulted at last in the creation of Welterwerk. Our image using uniforms was a result of a wish to go new ways and do something different from the traditional BM look, and this fitted our music very well. The uniforms are a symbol of unity, quite similar to many other groups and units using outfits. It’s difficult to point out a particular reason why we came up with the term bunker metal and its image.. Just have to say it’s a result of following our true selves without any distraction from what others say, think or do.  

2 Another interesting thing was you to be part of the Horde for a few hours. laughs !!! I think that I must thank you for it! Outside the fun, what can you tell us about that experience?
Yeah, we’ve done 4 shows with Horde now (2 in Norway, 1 in Finland and 1 in Germany) and that has been awesome! First of all, Horde was one of the first extreme bands we were into, and the album is absolutely killer even today! Jayson Sherlock is a fantastic musician and a true joy to play with, and just getting the opportunity to hang out and share so much time together has been a blessing. Horde is by far the most extreme thing out there, and let’s hope there will be more shows! 

3 The Christian metal bands fears rejection of secular public and therefore have problem of self affirming Christian. In this sense, how you dealt with it?
This depends on what audience / listeners you wish to reach and what you feel is right or wrong for you as person. It is very annoying that some people always have opinions on what others shall do or not do. If some Christians feel that they should keep a low profile with their Christian message, and instead try to reach people in 1 to 1 conversations after the show – that is of course what they should do. Some people are “born” preachers and like to put themselves out there and speak to big masses with a huge sign saying “I’m a Christian and you should be too!” Others are more subtle, and are better off talking in confidence with another person directly. I don’t think you need to promote your band as a Christian band even though the band consists of Christians. I don’t think you even need to have Christian lyrics if you don’t feel this is right for you, and that you can instead tell people about Christ in 1 to 1 conversations after the show. I mean, is it so that Christian musicians MUST sing about Christ to be a good Christian, while Christian car sellers can sell a car without talking about Christ to the person buying a car? Or a news reporter can only write about Christian stuff to be a Christian? Anyway, first step in being a follower of Jesus is to acknowledge Jesus in your life, and from there all other things sort out just fine.. Don’t listen too much about what others are saying and telling you to do or not do. 

4 Outside music, you help persons in any other way?
Even though this is very difficult, we try our best to love our neighbors as ourselves. I think this is the most important thing people can do to help others, but often the most difficult as well.

5 What Music have you guys been currently listening to? 
I listen to many bands in different styles, but currently I’m listening to Wovenhand and 16 Horsepower, The Chariot, Bjork, Deathspell Omega and Kvelertak. 

6 - You are involved with music for believing that it can lead people change ... Or are just artists ... playing music, without much pretense in this direction?
Both yes and no.. We play music because we love it, but if we can help people through our music that is amazing. I definitely believe people can be changed through music – I’ve been changed myself, and it has definitely led me in the directions I’ve taken in my life. 

7 last ... Says some things for the fans of Brazil.

We would love to come play in Brazil one day! You have an amazing country and you are fantastic people (I’ve been so luck to travel around in Brazil once)! Keep it up, and let’s hope we get the chance to meet one day!

Karl / Drottnar

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