[SIN] KILLER: FULLFORCE, show de lançamento do álbum 'One'

quinta-feira, junho 09, 2011

FULLFORCE, show de lançamento do álbum 'One'

Em 16 de junho o FF vai comemorar o lançamento de seu próximo álbum, intitulado "One", que será lançado oficialmente em 20 de junho pela SPV / Steamhammer.

FULLFORCE consists of members:
Mike Andersson (Cloudscape) - Vocals
Stefan Elmgren (ex Hammerfall) - Guitar
CJ Grimmark (ex Narnia) - Guitar
Tommy Larsson (ex Heed) - Bass
Anders Johansson (Hammerfall, ex Yngwie J. Malmsteen) - Drums

FULLFORCE will have a limited number of their album for sale at the releaseparty along with some merchandise and will also play LIVE. This evening is a combined releaseparty for FULLFORCE and also a pre-party for METALTOWN so, the Swedish metallers called ENGEL will also play live this evening.

  "One" track listing:
01. Mythomaniac (4:02)
02. None Of Your Concern (3:35)
03. Heart And Soul (3:31)
04. Oblivion (4:53)
05. Open Your Eyes (4:25)
06. Rain (4:33)
07. Suffering In Silence (3:06)
08. Walls Of Secrets (4:33)
09. Father Spirit (4:51)
10. Bleed (5:07)
11. Into The Cradle (5:01)
12. Best Of Times (iTunes bonus track) (3:49)

More infohttp://www.facebook.com/fullforcesweden?sk=info

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