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sábado, junho 11, 2011

What Cannibal Corpse Says | Jesus Question

D: What do you think about Jesus?
G: Not very much. (laughs) Well, let me put it this way: I think religion is a bigger scam. It’s definitely a bigger scam. These people are using that as well. I’m not into religion at all. Um, some of the other guys might be. This is my opinion, so don’t equate this with just the band – don’t, ’cause you asked me about it. I’ll tell you about it, if anyone knows me they’ll tell you one thing: I tell it like I see it. And I believe what I believe. Maybe the man was real, maybe he wasn’t. But I don’t think he was waving wands, walking on water – you know – doing any of the things that they say he was. And, um . . . the Bible was created by man – and not for man today. It was created by those people to manipulate people and used over centuries to manipulate people. That’s all it’s ever gonna do. You look at all these Catholic priests. Look what they did. You know? And you know who covered it up? The church. Lying scum. You know who satan is? It’s those people. Satan represents all the bad in this world. It’s definitely those people. More people died in the name of religion and, of course, you can’t blame that on Jesus or God, but gimme a break. I don’t believe in none of that hullabaloo or whatever you wanna call it. I’m not into that at all. I think it’s a scam. There’s lots of reasons... You see tons of tv shows that can . . .that, uh, disprove certain things… And, obviously, you can’t disprove if there’s somebody sittin’ up on some gold throne, you know, watching everybody do everything. But I think you’re real good when you allow such, you know, all the things that happen… I think, ‘How good of a person can you be, or being, or creator or whatnot can you be if you can allow all the things that have happened on this earth that have been allowed to happen? You know? I don’t believe in all that (bleep).

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