[SIN] KILLER: Metal Bible - edições em Inglês e Alemão - sendo impressas agora.

sábado, junho 04, 2011

Metal Bible - edições em Inglês e Alemão - sendo impressas agora.

Preview (English)

We are currently building a network all around the world of people that want to use the Metal Bible as an outreach tool at festivals etc. Therefore we are setting up Metal Bible centers (MBC) all around the world, that can work as bases and organize Meta Bible outreaches etc. The MBC will also work with followup for metalheads that have found Christ through the Metal Bible.
The MBC will order a bigger amount of Metal Bibles, at least 100 copies. Then those that are interested in doing outreaches can contact these centers and get Metal Bibles from them.
I'm really excited about this idea of Metal Bible Centers and I believe that God will use them in a mighty way to further His Kingdom!
If you pray about it and feel that God is calling yout to be involved in this and set up a Metal Bible center in your area just drop me a line at johannes@metalbibel.nu
Since the Metal Bible will mostly be read by people that are not used to read the Metal Bible at all we have chosen a Bible text that is easy to read and understand. The Bible text that will be used in the English version is New Living Translation (NLT). Neues Leben will be used in the German edition and La Palabra in the Spanish version.
Exact order information with shipping costs, how to pay etc will follow in the July newsletter.
The Metal Bible will be spread at Sweden Rock Festival 8-11 June 2011 where over 33 000 metalheads will be gathered. We will set up signs "Feel free to take a Metal Bible" and then those that are interested will come and take a copy of it. In this way 25 000 copies have went out at this festival since 2005!
Pray for wisdom and protection for everyone involved in this and that God will use these Metal Bibles to reach out to many and that many will find Christ as a result.
That's all folks for this time. I'm just as excited as you that the Metal Bible is finally being printed in English and German! Can't wait to see the result!
Have a great Summer & God Bless!

In His Service
Johannes Jonsson
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