[SIN] KILLER: As Hell Retreats : Fazendo últimos shows. (call it quits)

quinta-feira, junho 14, 2012

As Hell Retreats : Fazendo últimos shows. (call it quits)

"So, you probably have heard rumors going around about us. Well, we are here to finally clear those up. After 7 years of doing what we love and having the best experience of our lives thus far, we have decided to not "break-up", but to step back from the touring life and go on indefinite hiatus. We are doing our final dates with our long-time friends in A Plea For Purging in August and September called the "QUIT YOUR BAND AND GET A REAL JOB TOUR" (dates are below). Thank you all for supporting us and for the amazing years. We hope to see you all one last time"

8.10 Little Rock, AR // Downtown Music
9.11 Fort Worth, TX // Tomcats
8.12 Jackson, MS // The Carter
8.17 Jacksonville, FL // Murray Hill Theatre
8.18 Douglasville, GA // The 7 Venue
8.19 Chattanooga, TN // TBA
8.24 Dayton, OH // The Attic
8.25 Owensboro, KY // TBA
8.26 Herrin, IL // HTTS
8.31 Greenville, SC // The Channel
9.1 Lynchburg, VA // Crosspoint
9.2 Annapolis, MD // Knights of Columbus
9.7 Birmingham, AL // The River
9.8 Nashville, TN // Rocketown

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