[SIN] KILLER: Megadeth : Mustaine leva uma pedrada...No palco.

quinta-feira, junho 07, 2012

Megadeth : Mustaine leva uma pedrada...No palco.

Megadeth Forced to Leave Stage in Croatia After Fans Launch Rock Attack
Josh Hart | Revolver Mag

Thrash metal veterans Megadeth were forced offstage at Croatia’s Metalfest earlier this week after angry fans began pelting the bands with rocks during their set.

Most of the instigators were angry WASP fans, likely hostile because rumors began circulating that WASP were refusing to play after frontman Blackie Lawless had an argument with Dave Mustaine. No confirmation of the events in question is available.

Mustaine was reportedly struck in the head with a rock during the beginning of Megadeth’s set, causing the band to leave the stage and cancel the remainder of their performance.

Megadeth will be performing at this weekend’s Download festival in the U.K.

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