[SIN] KILLER: The Overseer : Premiere New Song, “Vulture”

domingo, junho 17, 2012

The Overseer : Premiere New Song, “Vulture”

Hard-rock outfit the Overseer will release their debut album, We Search, We Dig, on June 19. In anticipation, the band is premiering new song “Vulture” right here right now. Check it out below, read what singer Tony Rivera and bassist Bradley Riggs have to say about the track, and let us know what you think in the comments.

REVOLVER What’s the song “Vulture” about?

TONY RIVERA Lyrically, the song is kind of dark and is about being in a really rough spot, possibly your worst in life, but it touches on the core, the title of album, to keep searching and to dig your way out.

Which part of it did you come up with first?

BRADLEY RIGGS This was actually the last song that we wrote for the record. We had the other nine tracks pre pro’d out before we ever got to Glow in the Dark [studio] in Atlanta and wrote this one in the studio over the course of about the first six to nine days. We wanted a riffy, hard-hitting intro with dark, heavy choruses and a bridge that was something we hadn’t done ever before. And “Vulture” definitely turned out awesome and one of all of our favorite tracks. It’s got that heavy Deftones feel and even a little weird Radiohead style.

Was this an easy song to write?

RIVERA Yeah, I normally write all of my lyrics ahead of time and then put them to the music as it’s written, but I even wrote the lyrics at Glow. Then Darren [King, guitar] and I worked on the patterns and melodies and they came together so quickly!

What sort of reaction do you want to get from the song?

RIVERA I think the listeners will really hear a song that’s outside the box, and it really shows the versatility of our band in the sense of our influences and writing styles.

source  - Revolver Magazine http://www.revolvermag.com/news/the-overseer-premiere-new-song-vulture.html

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