[SIN] KILLER: Metal Bible : 2795 Metal Bibles distribuidas no Sweden Rock Fest 2012

quarta-feira, junho 20, 2012

Metal Bible : 2795 Metal Bibles distribuidas no Sweden Rock Fest 2012

Victory report from Metal Bible outreach at Sweden Rock 2012!
2795 Metal Bibles went out and several was saved! Read more below...

First of all I want to thank you very much for your prayer support! It has meant more than words can say!

Sweden Rock Festival is the biggest metal festival in Scandinavia (northern Europe), gathering over 30 000 metalheads!

This year we were ca 60 Christians involved in the outreach stationed at 6 different places, both in the market place (Metal Community/CMI/White Metal Shop), in the middle of the festival area (Street Church), at the biker camp (Biker Church) and also at two places at the festival camp (Street Church).

We started with raising the tents on Sunday and Monday. Then on Tuesday we started the outreach. An interesting thing this year was that our tent in the market area had some really interesting neighbours. Right on the left there was a porn tent and on the right side we had Hells Angels as neighbours - so were just in the right place! Cause we as Christians are called to be light in the darkness, so we felt that we were just where we should be.

The porn tent also had some big banners with half naked women on the sides of their tent. The banners were several meters high and could be seen at a long distance. A few hours after we started the outreach on Tuesday a mighty wind however started to blow and then the porn banners were just broken in half by the wind! So it seems like God didn’t like them.

We started every day with the Lord’s Supper and prayer, proclaiming Jesus victory over satan. Some days however, there were a big struggle to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Several things happened and the Enemy really tried to do all he could to distract us and keep us from doing this. But
we persisted and kept celebrating the Lord’s Supper every day and that is definately a key to the successful outreach that followed. While doing this we also proclaimed that the place around our tent belonged to God and prayed in Jesus mighty name that all demons would be bind so they couldn’t do anything against us or the tent. We also prayed that people we met would be open to God and also made ourselves available to God praying that He will use us just as He wanted and that we would be a blessing to people He would send in our way and be tools to show them God’s love.

This year God opened some really cool doors also directly to the bands; Sabaton, which at the moment is the best selling Swedish metal band worldwide, played a gig including the national hymn at the Swedish National Day. A few hours before the gig one of the members in the band came by the Metal Bible tent and picked up a copy of the Metal Bible! Pretty cool, eh? Heat, another up’n’coming band also wanted us to us pray for them about an interview they were doing later that day. It’s really amazing which cool doors God is opening, also to the metal bands! Amen.

Talking about bands not all however were positive to us and our Christian faith. Some satanic black metal bands like Dimmu Borgir and Dark Funeral were playing. But before the gigs we had prayed in Jesus mighty name that the evil forces that followed them would be bind and that they would not be able to transmit any satanic influence over the audience. And lo and behold, when Dimmu Borgir and Dark Funeral then played the evil message they spread were totally powerless, it was just words but no power behind it! So their satanic messge just fell flat to the ground. Amen! So GOD really showed that He is the one that rules. So, when our enemy could not work through the openly satanic bands he tried to work through other neutral bands like Twisted Sister. Dee Snider, their vocalist mocked and cursed God heavily and even tried to get the audience to mock God as well. It was strange and really sad to hear that kind of garbage from him.

Anyway, God did some really cool stuff! We had many great spiritual talks and also got the opportunity to pray for many. We had put up signs saying that “If you want prayer we can pray for you”. Then those that were interested came forward and we prayed for them. We had also put up signs with the text “Feel free to take a Metal Bible”. Then those that were interested came forward and picked up a copy of it. So it’s always their initiative. We never push metal bibles or prayer on anyone. We are just there being available to people and showing them God’s love and then those that want to come to us for prayer, metal bibles, talks etc.

We were also giving away notes with Bible quotes. One member of Hells Angels took one and it was right on target, cause the Scripture he got was saying that “bad company can destroy even the best”. He was really hit by the message and later on when his friends from Hells Angels was not around he came in secret and wanted to have prayer. Pretty amazing how God can lead. Street Church also had improvised meetings in their military tents in the camping area, where they got the opportunity to pray and witness to lots of people.

The most important thing however, that happened during the festival was that several persons found Christ. Amen! Soli Deo Gloria.

During the outreach 2795 Metal Bibles were distributed! Amen. This is really amazing since before this year a total of 28 000 copies have went out on this festival since 2005, so in total over 30 000 metal bibles have now been distributed on this festival. All I can do is just praise GOD for this and for all He has done and will do through all these metal bibles. Besides metal bibles, also other special bibles like Biker Bible, Motor Bible etc were distributed there, so in total 3565 bibles were spread there! Amen. We also had a special tract with prayers an Psalms and 1400 copies were distributed of it.

So God’s Word was really going out heavily at the festival. A big harvest will come. God has also promised that the Word of God won’t return void, cause He will watch of over it and fulfill it in each person that receives it.

Please keep all the the people that received metal bibles and other special bibles, prayer/psalm book and that we talked to and prayer for, that God will urge them to read it especially during the next following days and that God will speak prophetically into their lives through the bibles and that they will find Christ through it. Pray especially also for those that have found Christ through the outreach. Pray that they will stay saved and grow strong in Christ.

Besides spreading bibles I was also selling Christian metal cds and shirts in my booth during the festival. My colleague Henrik from White Metal Shop that shared the booth was also selling cds, cool belts, jewellery and rings with crosses. By standing there and selling Christian Metal many misconceptions about Christian Metal were broken and people were amazed that there there are so many good quality Christian Metal bands out there to check out. Pray that God will continue to speak to them through the Christian Metal cds and other merchandise they bought and continue His work in them and that the things they bought will be tools to help many to Christ.

I really want to thank GOD for all He did during this metal bible outreach! God is so awesome and He is really the one that has made this metal bible outreach so successful. I'm glad to have the privilege to be His servant. To GOD be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

In His Service

Johannes Jonsson



If you want to support this ministry and make it possible to continue to distribute the Metal Bible at Sweden Rock and Wacken Open Air etc you can also donate a gift to it. We are dependent on gifts to do this and ANY gift is really valuable and makes it possible to us to spread the Metal Bible to more metalheads all around the world. Write “To The Metal Bible” in the message field.

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