[SIN] KILLER: Project 86 : Uma banda cristã, legítima. Exclusive Interview ( HM mag )

terça-feira, junho 12, 2012

Project 86 : Uma banda cristã, legítima. Exclusive Interview ( HM mag )

Interview by Kim Flanders - http://www.hmmagazine.com

HM: So would you try to get out of being considered as a Christian band?

Andrew: I think that tag is always going to be with us. I think years ago it was a little hard because I think music was in a different place to get past that and to get people to see past that when you are dealing with general market press or general market touring. There is a perception that comes along with being known as a Christian band that says, “Oh, you are second rate, you are not as legitimate.” So I think any band in our position that comes from a place of faith that plays in this circuit or this scene is going to battle a little bit with trying to overcome that stereotype. And I think for us, it’s just about being as legit as we can be. And we have obviously done a lot of general market touring in the past. We are always open to the opportunities. And we want our Christian fans to come along with us wherever we go.

Full interview at the link below.


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