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sábado, junho 09, 2012

Petra : re-issues of 30th Anniversary Edition

More Power To Ya & This Means War re-issues announced
Press Release / PETRA is releasing anniversary editions of their albums, This Means War (25th Anniversary Edition), and 
More Power To Ya (30th Anniversary Edition). Both albums have been digitally re-mastered for the first time, making them must have editions for PETRA fans, and will be released on July 3rd.

The 1980’s were the peak years for PETRA. They were playing in front of sold out arenas nationwide, selling hundreds of thousands of albums each year and racking up numerous radio hits.

Originally released in 1982, More Power To Ya was the fifth studio release from the band. Billboard dubbed More Power To Ya a “Top Album Pick” and praised the band’s “surging music, tough lyrics and effective vocals.” Many PETRA fans have long considered this to be their best release from the 80s. Bonus material comes in the form of two live rock medleys (“Stand Up” and “Judas’ Kiss”) and a mellow medley (“More Power To Ya”).

This Means War, the tenth studio release from PETRA, came out in 1987 and garnered the group their 4th nomination for a GRAMMY® Award for Best Gospel Performance. The This Means War (30th Anniversary Edition) re-release includes 3 bonus live concert solos from Bob Hartman (guitar), John Lawry (keyboard) and Louie Weaver (drums).

More Power To Ya track-listing:
1. “Stand Up”
2. “Second Wind”
3. “More Power To Ya”
4. “Judas’ Kiss”
5. “Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows”
6. “Run For The Prize”
7. “All Over Me”
8. “Let Everything That Hath Breath”
9. “Road To Zion”
10. “Disciple”
11. “Stand Up (Rock Medley (Live)”
12. “Judas’ Kiss (Rock Medley (Live)”
13. “More Power To Ya (Mellow Medley (Live)”

This Means War track-listing:
1. “This Means War!”
2. “He Came He Saw He Conquered”
3. “Get On Your Knees And Fight Like A Man”
4. “I Am Available”
5. “Kenaniah”
6. “You Are My Rock”
7. “The Water Is Alive”
8. “Don’t Let Your Heart Be Hardened”
9. “Dead Reckoning”
10. “All The King’s Horses”
11. “Bob’s Solo (Live Version)”
12. “John’s Solo (John’s Solo - The Race (live)”
13. “Louie’s Solo (Live Version)”

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