[SIN] KILLER: Broken Flesh : Kevin Tubby fala sobre saida do selo, e ...

sexta-feira, junho 01, 2012

Broken Flesh : Kevin Tubby fala sobre saida do selo, e ...

Num papo diferente do normal, o SIN KILLER se aproximou do Broken Flesh para falar sobre algumas coisas ---

Intro ...   We are first and foremost here on this Earth to further the Kingdom of Almighty God through the sacrifice of his only begotten son YESHUA (JESUS).
Broken Flesh is a four piece death metal band from Oklahoma City, OK and currently unsigned. We formed in 2004, released our 8 song full length 'Forever in Flames" in September 2009, and our 6 song EP "Stripped, Stabbed, and Crucified" in February 2012. We are currently writing for a new release in late 2012.

Lineup atual :
Jacob Mathes - Vocals
Kevin Tubby - Guitar/ Vocals
Josh Mathes - Bass/ Vocals
Brandon Lopez - Drums 


"As far as the label thing goes, no one would help us get tours booked and we(Brokenflesh) would have to pay for our own studio time, and then they would put the Label name on it and have all the rights to it....It seemed wiser right now to do it ourself..."

Artwork Of
... "
The new EP "Stripped Stabbed and Crucified" is getting good reviews so far....It is available on Big Cartel... Just click on the BrokenFlesh facebook page and the details are there......The title song itself is dedicated to the memory of Pastor Carol Daniels.....She was brutally killed behind her pulpit one sunday about 3 years ago, In a small town here in Oklahoma called Anadarko..."

Fellowship /Lineup
- "
This newest lineup is working really well......Fellowship is really important in BrokenFlesh and it seems to be really strong now..."

I do not understand the term Hahaah... But If you mean outspoken, we are very outspoken about the messiah... But here we get slandered from time to time for talking about our faith...

Evisceration, Obliteration and   Death List "People still ask me about Obliteration and Death List quite often, Not so much about Evisceration...Its really an honor to have that happen..."

Brasil --- And I have not heard anything about Brazil...

Keith Green "I was not familiar with Keith Green.sorry...Our mission in BrokenFlesh is to share the Gospel of Jesus the Christ wherever we can.....To heal the hurting and set the captives free so to speak...God bless and thank you for this opportunity...
- For more information on tour dates, visit the Events tab
- To buy Broken Flesh Merchandise, visit brokenflesh.bigcartel.com
- To find us on iTunes, search "Broken Flesh"


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