[SIN] KILLER: Sin Killer-Interview With Antidemon

terça-feira, junho 12, 2012

Sin Killer-Interview With Antidemon

Sin Killer Interview With Batista From Antidemon

Interview by Marc S.Hoffman of Band Phenex Rising - Co/writer with
Norman Lima Founder and Owner  Sin Killer/Webzine Special Thanks to
Sherri Ross: Manager of Mortification  and Wonrowe Vison                                             

1) Sin Killer - How / When did you accept Jesus Christ into your life?
Batista: I was born in a Christian family. Since then, whenever my parents took me to a church. My father was always a leader and pastor, so my childhood took place within an evangelical church. However I had not managed to have my personal experience with Jesus Christ. As a kid I always got the same word several pastors and missionaries about my future. They said that one day I would reach many lives to Jesus Christ ... I would be a Pastor and would take the gospel to people of a culture very different, who liked a different song and had a very different stereotype. Many gave me this word, even without knowing me and it was always the same word. Now more than 20 years began to pray and ask God to show what was that called and how it might play. The answer began to come when I was 22 ... From a prayer of total surrender my life to Jesus Christ, many supernatural things began to happen. I began to have revelations of what was the call of God for my life. Even without ever having heard Heavy Metal or had any contact with this style of music, came to my mind riifs guitar and lyrics with a message too aggressive. God was showing me every step you should take. Thus it was that really got to know the power of God in my life. I started talking to God and have your answer every day in my life. God is no longer someone far away, to be someone very close. God is no longer a stranger to be my best friend.

2) Sin Killer - Who are your musical Influences and How They affected the music Gendre You presently Play?

Batista: As reported in another matter, had no musical influences other than the very Holy Spirit of God. It seems a bit fanciful and unreal that statement, but that's exactly what happened and keeps happening until today. When Antidemon started I had an incredible desire to say that my influences were ofgreat bands and I was ashamed of not being able to say that. Today I feel very honored to say that my influences came and still come directly from God.

3) Sin Killer - Can you give us a little history of your band Antidemon?

Batista : After the revelations of God my life riifs metal letters, a day spent in front of a gallery of shops Heavy Metal in the city of Sao Paulo. The Holy Spirit led me to go in there and then I started listening to each one of those stores a song similar to what God was giving me. I was stunned ... I was at that time knowing what kind of people I could achieve with that song that God had revealed to me ... And at that moment, I felt a voice in my heart and in my mind, saying: These are for those people that I have chosen thee, that thou light my word.

4) Sin Killer - We Heard That you have recently signed with Rowe Productions. Can you That tell us about what means to you and your band?

Batista : Subscribe to the Rowe Productions was one of the greatest joys personal to me and a great achievement for Antidemon. Being able to work alongside Steve Rowe has always been an example of a musician, entrepreneur, missionary and above all a great character. It's  really a godsend for us to work alongside Steve Rowe. We have many expectations with this contract, but the joy we feel when we are invited to join the Rowe Productios really ever worth this contract.

5) Sin Killer - What kind of bass guitar do you play and how long have you been playing?

Bastista : I play Bass ... In the band Antidemon ... I started playing bass after two left the band ... Called the first Cebotov Alexander left the group and joined Alexandre Oliveira. In 1995 it also came out and then took up the instrument as well as doing the vocals.

6) Sin Killer - Where do you come up with the ideas for writing your songs?

Batista : God always fills my heart with what I have to write every song ... Before there

Antidemon he was doing it ... There are twenty years I have been meaning to every word I write ... Each idea to be placed ... Each theme that can exalt the name of Jesus Christ and to make more and more people are reached by God through the songs Antidemon.

7) Sin Killer - What has 18 years in the business taught you?
Batista : a lot of patience, perseverance, and that really God's ways are higher than our
ways and thoughts of God are beyond our thoughts.

8) Sin Killer - What advice would you give to a young upcomming band / musican?

Batista : That while it is difficult to start a band, out of nowhere ... As much as there is great difficulty winning them all. You must know that without hard work is not achieved results. And the will to get things done more easily, is really an illusion. When we face the challenges and conflicts to achieve something, it prepares us for when we can finally achieve what we want, we will not be ready to lose everything. Then face the difficulties is something wonderful. If it is not so good at the moment to live the fight, it is very good after the win.

9) Sin Killer:- Do you have any final words to say to your fans?

Batista : I want to first thank the "SIN KILLER MAGAZINE" for this incredible opportunity
to make known a little more of the history of Antidemon. I want to thank everyone that Rowe Productions and the support this somehow our work. Those who believe in and help us in everyday life ... I want to thank those who just know a little about Antidemon, I long to write the words that are good for you and help in something. I mean that we are nothing without God ... And  if somehow we are getting somewhere, all are his merits, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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  1. Few Christian metal bands are indeed Christian as Antidemon! Congratulations by the way, and God bless you richly!


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