[SIN] KILLER: Neal Morse : "Momentum" set to release September 11, 2012!

quarta-feira, junho 13, 2012

Neal Morse : "Momentum" set to release September 11, 2012!

Check out the final cover for MOMENTUM, Neal's upcoming new prog album! Release date is September 11th. Cover Artwork by Martin Kornick [http://www.maninthemountain.com/ ].

2012 Neal Morse Concert Schedule

Neal will be travelling with his new band that was chosen earlier this year from open auditions held in Nashville. Long time bassist Randy George will be on board as well as one of the most jaw-dropping multi-talented bunch of musicians ever assembled. And it is possible that he will be joined by Mike Portnoy for some of these shows, although he isn't able to commit just yet due to the multitude of projects he's involved in. "If there's ANY WAY I can make it, I will" says Portnoy. "This new album may be the best prog I have EVER played!". And coming from Mike that's a heck of an endorsement. But either way this is sure to be a tour of music that will blow your mind!


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