[SIN] KILLER: The Devil Wears Prada : Lançamento de CD/DVD : Dead & Alive

terça-feira, junho 12, 2012

The Devil Wears Prada : Lançamento de CD/DVD : Dead & Alive

"Setting up so much touring for the release of Dead Throne has been fantastic, and we're most pleased to be able to commemorate the North American run with a DVD. It wasn't easy picking a city and venue to shoot this thing, but we knew The Palladium in Massachusetts would be fantastic. We've been playing there a long time and we knew we'd be able to set up and create the best product possible forDead&Alive. As folks can continually expect from the band, we've been meticulous as ever picking apart edits, audio, artwork, bonus material, etc; which is very important to us- to be hands on, in control, and enthusiastic about the content we create for this band. It's always what we try and do with TDWP and I think Dead&Alive can serve as a testimony to that." - MH

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