[SIN] KILLER: Tourniquet : Luke Easter em projeto Comics.

terça-feira, junho 26, 2012

Tourniquet : Luke Easter em projeto Comics.


Hello, I’m Kevin Kelly and this project is a bit odd. We are raising money for the SECOND book in a series of graphic novels – when the first book is unknown, and in fact has just been released today. The first book is a very long (210 pages) full-color graphic novel that tells the epic story of the clash between angels and robots and humans, and a special half-breed girl who has to decide whose side she is on. It’s called The Silver Cord, and some might classify it as spiritual fiction. I think of it as techno-epic. The story is completely finished, brand new, and as of today you can read it in its entirety either on our website for free, or as a printed book.
Continua --- http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/silvercord/the-silver-cord-a-techno-epic-graphic-novel

Luke Easter - Letterer, lyricist, lead singer, frontman for the award-winner Christian heavy metal rock band, Tourniquet, works with graphic elements, subculture fashions, slang, and street cred. Luke's website

Link : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/silvercord/the-silver-cord-a-techno-epic-graphic-novel

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